Oklahoma Dressage Society 2007 Recognized Show Champions

Junior Introductory Level Champion
Kaigenutt/Kelsey Walker-68.095
Amateur Introductory Level Champion
Alouette/Amanda Edwards-67.75
Amateur Introductory Level Reserve
Strang Cowboy/Hilda Coleman-63.5
Open Training Level Champion
Roccoca WF/Verena Stock-73.076
Open Training Level Reserve
Wessex/Verena Stock-67.115
Open Training Level 3rd Place -HA Garnys Cognac/Julie Williams-65.909
Junior Training Level Champion
Quick Fortune/Jenna Dickison-65.385
Junior Training Level Reserve
Enjoy/Julia Peacock-64.091
Junior Training Level 3rd Place-Kaigenutt/Kelsey Walker-61.906
Junior Training Level 4th Place-Tax and Spend/Chelsie Williams-60.385
Amateur Training Level Champion
Drosselmeyer/Susan Peacock-74.231
Amateur Training Level Reserve (also Vintage)
Fancy That/Nancy Litsch-64.615
Amateur Training Level 3rd Place-SA Willhedu/Judith Brown-63.013
Open First Level Champion
Titanium/Janelle Williams-66.863
Amateur First Level Champion
Debutante/Laura Custer-64.736
Amateur First Level Reserve (also Vintage)
Chapman/Vicki Sharp-64.575
Open Second Level Champion
Double Entendre/Verena Stock-65.263
Amateur Second Level Champion
Daphene/Marty Hunt-64.054
Amateur Second Level Reserve (also Vintage)
Mateo/Jan Cibula-63.784
Open Third Level Champion (also Vintage)
Wolkenwand/Anthea Kin-66.492
Amateur Third Level Champion
Scotch Blend/LeeAnn Alf-60.444
Amateur Third Level Reserve
Sau Paulo/Judith Brown-59.556
Amateur Fourth Level Champion
Nessessity/Traci Jackson-60.233
Open FEI Champion
Loki/Angel Ozer-63.959
Open Freestyle Champion
Loki/Angel Ozer-66.273
************************************************************************************** ODS HORSE OF THE YEAR
Drosselmeyer (ridden by Susan Peacock)