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2019 Educational Events

Fun!  Fun!  Janice Dulak was here on 21-22 Sep 2019 for another wonderful clinic.  Janice is a rider and Pilates expert who has blended the two disciplines into a very effective program for riders.

ODS hosted Spring Dressage Symposium with Christine Traurig, April 6-7, 2019!  Christine focused on how exercises progressively prepare horses to move up through levels by building strength, confidence and self-carriage!  This symposium was a huge success with everyone ready to build on their dressage!

Trauring Symposium Flyer       2019 Spring Symposium Reflection  

ODS Educational Scholarship

ODS Scholarship Information     ODS Educational Scholarship Application Rev Jan 2019  

Roberta Clark applied for/received the 2018 Educational Scholarship!  Read her interesting story!

2018 Scholarship Recipient Roberta Clark 


The Dressage Foundation (Your Source for Support)

Each year grants and scholarships are awarded to riders of all ages and levels, instructors, judges, breeders, and non-profit organizations.


The Dressage Foundation Flyer 

Nancy Trait-Lira TDF Trait-Lira - Carol Lavell Award applied for/received 'Carol Lavell Gifted Memorial Fund Award'.  Read about it.
Pam DeVore TDF Grant  Pam DeVore  wins TDF Evie Tumlin Memorial Grant Award!