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ODS Education Scholarship

 The ODS Education Scholarship provides financial assistance to Oklahoma Dressage members to further their dressage education. 

 Criteria for Eligibility

  1. This ODS Education Scholarship is open to all Oklahoma Dressage Society Members: juniors, adults, or vintage riders, amateurs or professionals, including ODS member volunteers and committee members. 
  2. The candidate must be a current member in good standing of Oklahoma Dressage Society (ODS). In addition, the applicant must have been an ODS member for at least the 2 previous years. 
  3. The candidate must have a background of attending previous ODS dressage educational events. The more ODS event attendance, the stronger the candidate for the ODS scholarship. Attendance at non-ODS dressage educational events will be considered as additional input. 
  4. 4. The candidate must have a background of volunteerism for ODS. This includes volunteering on at least one (1) ODS committee or have accumulated five (5) hours of volunteering at ODS events. The more ODS volunteerism, the stronger the candidate for the ODS scholarship. Volunteerism for non-ODS dressage related events will be considered as additional input. 

Criteria for Use

Scholarships may be used toward the registration/entry fees for the following types of dressage educational events: 

  1. Acceptable activities will include ODS and its affiliated chapters educational events, USDF Region 9 and USDF educational events. Additionally, any educational event or clinic given by a USDF/USEF judge, USDF/USEF technical delegate, USDF Certified Instructor, USDF “L” Program graduate, or USDF Medalist. 
  2. Scholarship candidates must receive ODS Scholarship Committee approval for the use of this scholarship at a specific dressage educational event prior to the event occurring. 

 Application Deadlines

The ODS Education Scholarship committee will meet a minimum of two times per year. Each scholarship application must be received by the following schedule:

January 1 – May 15:

Scholarship(s) to be awarded by June 15 and presented at the ODS Summer Meeting. 

May 16 - November 15:

Scholarship(s) to be awarded by Dec. 15 and presented at the ODS Annual General Meeting. 

Please note: Your application must indicate an educational event that is after the award date. 

Click here to download more details about the Education Scholarship: ODS Scholarship Information

Click here to download the Application Form: ODS Scholarship Application

The Dressage Foundation (TDF) Scholarships

Each year grants and scholarships are awarded to riders of all ages and levels, instructors, judges, breeders, and non-profit organizations.

Visit the dressage foundation for more information: 

ODS Members Receive TDF Grants

  • Carol Lavell Gifted Memorial Fund Scholarship for Adult Amateur Riders received by Nancy Trait-Lira in 2019
  •  Evie Tumlin Memorial Fund Grants To Adult Amateurs received by Pam DeVore in 2019